Accelerate revenue growth in large-scale B2B

Startups and mid-sized to large growth companies have partnered with CVC Revenue Solutions since 2004 to accelerate sales growth to new levels and to enter new markets.

CVC drives accelerated revenue growth by augmenting clients‘ internal sales with impactful and cost-efficient managed business development and sales services. Our home ground is large-scale B2B with complex sales cycles in the technology, automotive, and retail verticals.

We tailor our sales services to your specific business requirements and embed your sales process in our team. Our unique approach is replicable to all product and services businesses.

Augment direct sales with impactful and cost-efficient sales services

We have a strategic view, the capability to reframe customer expectations and to deliver a distinct high-touch purchase experience. Our approach drives higher levels of customer loyalty and greater growth.

In early market stages sales cycles are longer and cash flow is limited. Partnering with CVC enables you to augment your internal direct sales with impactful and cost-efficient revenue-as-a-service, at a low and largely variable cost.

The pandemic has cemented omnichannel interactions as a requirement for successful B2B sales. CVC could be an ingredient in your omnichannel strategy, by extending digital self-serve with in-person and remote customer interactions through CVC.

And, for each of our clients we exclude direct competition. CVC has 100% focus on your product or service.

Turn our consulting capability into your advantage

CVC offers process-led strategic consulting services for evidence-based improvement of market strategy, product positioning, business models, and more. Our strategic consulting integrates seamlessly with provided business development and sales services to further accelerate our clients’ success in both new markets and existing accounts.

Some of our clients